storyHyksos….Modern historians usually describe the Hyksos as Semitic invaders from Palestine and Syria who in the early 17th century BCE conquered Egypt.

History further reports that they established a kingdom on the northeast border of the Nile Delta. The Hyksos are said to have ruled their northern Egyptian Kingdom (Lower Egypt) from 1680 BC until 1560s BC.

They were later to be driven out of the country by a national out of the Nile Delta and Upper Egypt under Amon 1

The name Hyksos according to Egypt legist has originally been interpreted to mean Sheppard Kings. But it has also been suggested that the name means “Foreign Rulers” which historians are currently embracing. This looks to be wrong as the hieroglyphs used to denote hyksos – the disputed term for Sheppard is a Sheppard Crook symbol

So more than likely the true meaning and translation for Hyksos is “Sheppard King”

The Hyksos Sheppard Kings were mighty Pharaohs. They introduced the horse and chariot and fighting arts which were unknown to the Egyptians.

Before the Hyksos era and the walls of Jericho that defended Jericho from any harm , salt have been there in our region ,salt have been since so sedum and jamoura and is still there till These days and will remain there till god’s will decides other wise

Hyksos Story:

The salt making industry is considered one of the oldest in the history of civilizations. It was not only consumed for diet, but also for dead bodies’ reservations, money, and even for holy ceremonies.

The oldest location that produced salt in the ancient times, and is still doing so, is “The Moon City” which is today called Jericho. This city according to archeology is the oldest city known to humanity, most of the oldest civilizations resided in this town such as the Canaanites. Some of them were called Hyksos, who built walls that are still standing to nowadays.

The production of Salt in this particular city was a main craft because of its location close to the Dead Sea, which is considered one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water. It is almost 10 times as salty as the ocean.

Hyksos Salt produces Natural Dead Sea salt for gourmet food. The quality is considered one of the best since it contains 21 minerals. The process of production is still very similar in principle to the ancient times; when the sunrays hit the seawater to evaporate leaving the exquisite salt to your table. The heat in that area facilitates the process since it is the lowest point and the biggest saline lake in the world.

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