Salt was of high value to the hyksos and other peoples of the region Aside from being a contributing factor in the development of civilization, salt was also used in the military practice of salting the earth by various peoples

During the Hyksos period salt was a precious commodity carried along the salt roads into the heartland of the tribes. Consisting of as many as forty thousand camels traversed four hundred miles of the Sahara bearing salt to inland markets, sometimes trading salt for slaves.

Salt in Chinese history was both a driver of technological development and a stable source of revenue for the imperial government.

HYKSOS used to give fee’s to there workers in salt the population of the people in that region , people used to reserve there income in salt and even A salary is a form of periodic payment from an employer to an employee, which may be … itself comes from the Latin sal dare (to give salt).

salt is the oldest system that man kind persevered food products like beans and rice meat fish people used to dig the meat in salt and pass it from a place to a place .

Salt it’s known as products with endless shelf life, when it is kept in a cool and a dry place it never expires

Hyksos Dead sea


Salt of the Dead Sea is evaporated in a very natural way throw the hot climatic sun shine and the heat of the sun this way in the most rational way to keep all mineral in the salt, since the salt is rich in these mineral.

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