qualityEco – Friendly shaker: we have built Eco- Friendly shakers in order to protect the environment since we consider to safeguard the global nature.

Saltley also have obtained a multi use grinder which mills the seasoned salt from a Glass jar attached to the mill directly to your dish and give u a different aroma and taste in each type .

Controlled hygiene standards, Eco – Friendly, Non – GMO, Gluten – Free, Non – MG (Monosodium Glutamate), High with Iodine and low Sodium and combining organic certified spices guarantee a healthy and organic globe.

Saltley is considered to be the first company in the world that applies salt as a fair trade product. Concerning our certificate and declaration, they are still in process.

Our evaporation pools are highly supervised according to the strictest criterions and by all Palestinian ministries involved, who demand us to recycle water in a way that keeps the environment around the Dead Sea stable.

Health ministry test

From the beginning, Saltley was attentive to follow all recommended hygienic instructions of the Health Ministry concerning all needed tests. Our product attains the highest standards of human consumptions use and is applied to each country standards and obligations

Certificate of content


Hyksos – natural salt from the city moon of Jericho producing the top salt
In the world

Hyksos salt was created when sun and the water have meet and integrated
In the Wright time at the Wright place and in the Wright temperature, all this is done in concentration 10 times higher than in regular salt

The area is characterized by the extreme heat and dry clean air, and a lot of sunshine and little precipitation .this unique combination producer’s salt enriched with 21 natural minerals.


Hyksos salt from the Dead Sea free of chemicals &additives and is certified as 100 % natural


Nutrition facts