compnyWe have been trading and producing agro commodity (edible salt) since 1913, more than 101 years. We have been processing and packaging natural spices and sea salt since 2000. We have years of experience in our favor. In view of current regional changes we have decided to establish a Palestinian company that will focus its major interest on producing salt for the Palestinian community and become the biggest producer of salt in Palestine. The company is located in the Jericho industrial park.

Who we are:

Saltley was established in Palestine, with a pioneer thought of producing salt in a natural way by traditional harvesting.

The company founders are a third generation of a family of traders farmers and producers of agro commodities with more than 101 years of experience passed from each generation to the next. This rich experience has led Mr. Waseem Francis Shukha (founder & CEO) to the decision to establish a new plant to refine and harvest salt from the Dead Sea of Palestine.

Our Story:

The way nature produces salt:
When the sun shines on the surface of the Dead Sea in the desert, at the lowest point on earth, the heat reaches 47 degrees c. The water is heated and evaporated, and what remains is a pure brine of minerals with many health qualities.

Saltley examined this salt and decided to produce more than 21 different types of mineral gourmet salt using artisanal methods, and have that salt infused with more than 25 different types of natural flavor to give your dish a variety of special tastes.


Salt from the Dead Sea of Palestine.

The Dead Sea area is the lowest place on earth. Its salt is rich in minerals, much more minerals than in any other place in the world, much more than in oceans and seas.

Our study shows annual consumption of about 5.60 kg of salt per person. The population of 4.6 million in the West Bank and Gaza strip needs about 25,760,000 kg. Saltley is aiming to reach 50% of this market in the next 7 years.

This project will let Palestine have its own local independent producer of salt, and start thinking about different ways to export their commodities to the world and match the development of market demand.

We want to combine nature with technology without altering the product’s natural form.